Wilson Hurakn Team Safety Mens Padel Shoes – Yellow & Black


The Wilson Hurakn TEAM men’s shoe is designed for you to be the fastest on the court, both on the paddle court and on clay. Enjoy an excellent level of stability, comfort, and durability.

This Wilson model offers extraordinary performance both in its use for paddle tennis and for tennis practice on clay, the use by the brand of EVA R-DST+ technology.  The cushioning guarantees safe movements on the court and excellent management of the energy generated in the rebound. Its deep herringbone Duralast sole extends the life of the shoe thanks to its resistance to abrasion and guarantees efficient traction on both surfaces, achieving glide and braking on demand at the height of the most advanced players.

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  • The new Wilson Hurakn Team Padel shoes are well suited for taking your game to the next level.
  • The shoes are made with a stabiliser which prevents the shoe from twisting and therefore help prevent injuries.
  • The shoes are also made with a Ortholite cushioned sole, which makes the shoe very comfortable when playing on the court.
  • They have a well protected heel and toe for long lasting durability.